Friday, 23 February 2007

Michelle Manhart

On the top of Google's Zeitgeist for last week, is (as usual in such cases), Valentines Day. On the second place, a hot news story with something everybody seems to like: nudity, scandal, and uniform.

Michelle Manhart is a former member of the U.S. Air Force, who posed nude for Playboy. Apparently, for the American military establishment, things like nudity are much more of a shame than allegations of torture in prisons (or the mere small issue of violence and death in the force), and Manhart was discharged.

Which could be a great way for people on the force to avoid Iraq. Like those famous PETA campaigns of the 1990s ("I'd rather be nude than wear a fur"), former servicemen and women could appear on nuddies with the sign "I'd rather go nude than kill or torture other people". Nudity and scandals, after all, sell.

Update: I am apparently not the only one who smells a bit of hypocracy:

E. R: Bills,

Peter Rost

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