Thursday, 1 February 2007

Cynthia Sommer

On the top of Yahoo! Buzz today is the story of a woman, who allegedly killed her husband by poisoning him, in order to get herself a plastic surgery and luxurious lyfestyle.

In some cases, news is entertainment
It should be noted at this point that terms appearing in trend analysis, and on news reports, don't always represent public agenda and priorities. Take this story, as well as other sensational murder stories in the past several years: there is Court TV, a service which usually airs sensational cases; or crime library, which deals with all kinds of sensational crimes. These are not "real" news, but usually entertainment.

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge this trend
For someone in marketing, entrepreneurship or business, it is sometimes important to acknowledge that the tacky sells, and that these cases interest the public, to some extent.

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