Friday, 5 January 2007

Britney Spears

Well, well, well. And you thought it was a serious blog...

People on the top of the search results seem to be usually less than serious, and are apparently there for notorioty: in the past post we had Paris Hilton, Saddam and James Brown. Of these three, only Pairs Hilton knows how to use her image in order to make profit, and she does it well. Brown and Saddam might only benefit a quite quirky campaign.

And Britney, unfortunately for her, belongs to that category. She managed somehow to turn her image and sales-potential into a disaster of bad taste. Her comeback album, it has been reported today, is being sropped; and she manages to get in the news for being drunk, acting weird or dating Matt Leinart. The only way one could "use" the interest in Britney for marketing, would be to use is cynically. Naturally, like many other celebrities of their day, Britney could change the course and use her notorioty to her own benefit. She was, after all, selling sex as a self-proclaimed virgin. Lying is nothing new to her.

By the way, this is not the only way Britney is different from Paris. Apparently, Paris "tricked Britney Spears into thinking she could never orgasm again" (reports eog).

A source revealed to the National Enquirer magazine: "Paris told Britney, 'Oh my God! Don't you know that lighting a cigarette the wrong way and inhaling stops the blood flow to your private parts, and doing it more than once means you may never experience orgasm again!' Britney was horrified and ran around for about ten minutes asking everyone if they had ever heard that and what she should do about it."

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