Tuesday, 9 January 2007

60 Minutes

Yahoo Buzz claims that "60 Minutes" is on the rise in their search engine. This is interesting, and yet this might be an example why the reliance on search-engine querries is problematic.

60 Minutes is broadcasted on Yahoo! (cool!), and this might be the reason is gains search popularity there. Self-fulfilling search querry.

It could be also their claim that "Alexander Litvinenko planned to blackmail a Russian businessman living in London, says an acquaintance of the poisoned ex-spy. "
(Also see: "Ex-spy was involved in 'blackmail scheme'" )

Very good critique on this issue is available from La Russophobe: La Russophobe: TiVO Moment #1: Svetlichnaya on 60 Minutes last Sunday

In addition, it could be that their decision not to replace Ed Bradley has to do with these querries, although this is far-fetched.

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