Saturday, 30 December 2006

Saddam's Execution

Yesterday, Paris Hilton was on the news and Suri Cruise was on top of Yahoo! Buzz.

But that was yesterday, when the world dealt with nonsense. Today, we have politics! The execution of Saddam Hussein brought up a surge of Saddam/Execution related searched online, presumably from the same people usually searching for Suri Cruise pics.

Yahoo!'s top search term is Iraqi TV. People want to see it live, like in the Roman period that those prisoners were fed to the lions (or the more recent Saddam era, where prisoners were also executed in public...).

Iraqi TV, in fact, goes through an interesting process. It used to be mainly a propaganda tool during Saddam's days. One of the channles had movies that were "shown on this channel as they would still be running in theaters in the US and Europe." (in other words: no copyright, thank you. We're Iraqis). It used to show exactly what it showed today - executions of enemies of the regime, military parades, etc.

This brings up two interesting questions, one is political, the other has more to do with web-trends. The political question is pretty obvious - at least to me: has the United States any success in bringing democracy and democractic values to the Middle East? It doesn't seem so. It doesn't seem that in the deep cultural sense of democracy, not only the procedural one, they manage to change the ways. This takes time, and Western Germany (which actually had a brief democratic experience) did not become a democracy in a day - it took it several years to accept the different.

Another question is regarding cyberculture and web-trends. It is clear that the trend of online video sites is important in cyberculture and rising all the time. People spread videos, watch them online, and can see things in action. So many people are looking for Saddam's execution video - why? Because they love the gore? Because deep inside we're programmed by Hollywood to see the evil guy visually gets it, and not only hear about it?

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